Marshall Cavendish Education (MC Education) is the leading e-learning solutions and service provider in Singapore.

A member of Times Publishing Group, MC Education provides schools with fun and innovative solutions by seamlessly integrating the use of technology in education.

Delivered through our trusted e-learning platform, our digital curriculum complements textbook resources, and makes teaching and learning more engaging and effective through the use of rich multimedia.

With a strong track record in Singapore, we are now well-placed to expand internationally, having secured new subscribers in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


Dedicated to providing a quality education, MC Education continuously invests in research and development to innovate the best solutions for students and teachers.


By harnessing the creative use of technology in education, our innovations transform learning, and effectively engage users with pedagogically-sound interactive content.


With engagement, we inspire students to explore and enjoy learning, and empower teachers with new ways of teaching.